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Polymer Lab & Facility

From initial research to final polymer production, the Chempilots facilities and dedicated team offer the state-of-the-art equipment and service required to do it all.

Custom polymer lab technician in Chempilots production facility

Our Fully-Equipped Lab & Productions Facilities

Our fully-equipped facility boasts 27,500 square-feet of lab space to support our customers in obtaining their specialty polymers. Our facilities include:

  • Eight flexible ISO 7-8 clean rooms of total 2,000 sqf.
  • Two aseptic down-flow benches class II supporting fill operations and particulate API handling
  • Synthesis lab for 2-100 pound batch scale plus unit operations for isolation, purification, drying, milling and sieving
  • Analytical lab with HPLC, SEC, GC, FTIR, UV/VIS, controlled stress rheometer and various viscosity instruments, and DSC, DCA tensile strength instruments, vial seal tester, Quick Scope, microscopes and other optical instruments
  • Special inspection equipment for hydrogel materials

Reliable Custom Solutions

Our facilities allow us to offer reliable custom polymer solutions, including:

  • Complete research and development in close collaboration with the customer, as desired
  • Sample supplies throughout the development for demo and testing
  • Processing setup for contract manufacturing of specialty polymers

Wide Range of Capabilities

At the Chempilots facility, we specialize in a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Custom polymer synthesis
  • Custom formulation of inks, coatings, adhesives, drug delivery systems and more
  • Material characterization and analytical developments
  • Seamless project transfer to in-house contract manufacturing
  • Campaign or continuous manufacturing, including management of all chain elements
  • Clean room operations under appropriate GMP
Custom polymer professional in a lab
Custom polymer manufacturing professional in their lab

Pioneers in Polymer Chemistry

Founded in 1957, Chempilots has over 60 years of experience in polymer chemistry. Our team is recognized as a pioneer in the fields of industrial and polymer chemistry, process engineering and establishing new production units for customers within the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

Serving North America and Beyond

Although our facility is located in the heart of Greater Copenhagen, Denmark, we proudly serve start-ups and Fortune 500 companies within North America and around the world.

Scientist working inside one of Chempilots polymer facilities.
Scientist working inside one of Chempilots polymer labs.

Cutting Edge Technology With a Dedicated Production Staff

Our facilities and labs house the cutting edge technology that allows us to offer each of our custom polymer solutions and capabilities. Yet it is our team that truly makes all the difference. The Chempilots team includes dedicated production and quality assurance staff with years of industry experience. This experience mixed with our open and hands-on approach give you the quality you expect and the service you deserve.

Polymer manufacturing facilities

Learn More About Our Facilities Today

Whether it’s research and development or contract manufacturing you require, our facilities give us the power to do it all. To start your project today send us a message.