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Durable and Degradable Hydrogels

Durable and degradable hydrogels are used in a variety of applications, including contact lenses, cell encapsulation and even in creams and lotions. These hydrogels can either degrade over time or remain durable, based on your application’s requirements.

Custom Synthesis for Durable and Degradable Hydrogels

Whether for drug delivery or use as part of a medical device, durable and degradable hydrogels are used in a wide range of applications. These applications require the highest quality hydrogels to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the device or pharmaceutical.

To achieve high-quality hydrogels, we offer full-scale polymer development, from initial synthesis to analysis. At Chempilots we've worked extensively with hydrogel materials, and have over 60 years of experience working with polymers. With a dedication to quality and accessibility, we’re here to support you throughout the development process.

Medical Devices

Durable hydrogel polymers don’t break down over time, making them a great solution for contact lenses and other durable medical devices. Degradable hydrogels that dissolve over time work well in applications such as wound dressings.

Durable Bulking Agents

Durable hydrogel polymers are often found inside injectable bulking agents, such as the ones used in urology for endoprosthesis. Hydrogels can also be used to develop soft tissue scaffolds for the same application.


Applications such as controlled drug release dermal patches, medicinal creams, ointments and oral dosage forms can benefit from degradable hydrogels. Hydrogels work well for extended and controlled drug delivery requirements.

Why Chempilots?

Chempilots is here to help you develop hydrogel polymers to fit your specific applications. Our full-scale development services include everything from custom polymer synthesis to manufacturing. Plus, you’ll experience all the benefits of working with Chempilots:

  • 60+ years of experience: Chempilots has been developing durable and degradable hydrogels for decades. We have the experience necessary to ensure the highest quality polymers for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
  • Customized development services: Our full-scale polymer development services are scalable and customizable to fit your needs. Whether you require contract manufacturing or polymer analysis, we can deliver.
  • ISO 9001 certification: When it comes to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, safety is of utmost importance. We’re dedicated to providing the safest polymers for your application. That’s why our quality management system is ISO 9001 certified.

Learn More About Our Durable and Degradable Hydrogels

Chempilots delivers full-scale custom polymer development services to fit your specific needs and application. To learn more about our pharmaceutical and medical device polymer capabilities or to start your project, send us a message.