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Degradable Biocompatible Polymers in Pharmaceuticals

Degradable biocompatible polymers exist to improve drug delivery. Biocompatible polymers feature both natural and synthetic (man-made) materials, including materials that enable degradation over time. Chempilots has broad experience in synthesizing biodegradable polymers with customized properties as specified by the customer. We can support you through your project too.

Complete Development for Degradable Biocompatible Polymers

In the pharmaceutical industry, degradable biocompatible polymers are used in a wide range of drug delivery applications, from injectables to coatings for medications. Their use requires high-quality polymer synthesis to ensure they’re effective and safe.

Chempilots offers expert custom development for pharmaceutical polymers based on your requirements. Whether you need polymer analysis, contract research or full-scale development and manufacturing, we can help.

Functional Polymers

Functional polymers can be designed with blocks of PLA, PGA and PCL, which are applicable for thermoplastic processing or solution transfer into an injectable. These properties make them a common choice when selecting polymers for drug delivery.

Bioerodible Polymers

Bioerodible polymers include polyanhydrides and polyorthoesters which enable surface-controlled drug delivery. Bioerodible polymers are useful in applications such as depot drug injections, which release medication slowly over time, eliminating the need for more frequent injections.

Experience The Chempilots Difference

Chempilots can help you through the complete polymer development process, from polymer synthesis to scale-up and manufacturing. Pharmaceutical companies choose us for many reasons:

  • 60+ years of experience: We have decades of experience in the synthesis of pharmaceutical polymers. This experience enables us to deliver the highest-quality biocompatible polymers available for your application.
  • Dedicated to safety: The safety of your polymers is critical, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Our quality management system is ISO 9001 certified, ensuring you receive the safest biodegradable polymers available.
  • Leading with integrity: We’ll never agree to your project if we feel we’re not the best choice for you. We’re also honest and accessible, ensuring you’re kept up-to-date regarding changes to your project.
  • Delivering scalability: Each of our capabilities is scalable to fit your specific needs. From small-scale production to full-scale final manufacturing, we can deliver.

Before we start your project, we’ll discuss your needs in detail. We’ll then provide an in-depth proposal and scope of work so you know exactly what to expect. Your proposal will include budget, timelines, objectives, and our strategy for you to review and accept. Finally, we’ll get to work.

Start Your Degradable Biocompatible Polymer Synthesis Project

Chempilots can help you every step of the way through your polymer synthesis process. To learn more about our capabilities or to get started on your project, send us a message today.