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Custom Specialty Drug Delivery Polymer Development

Life-saving drugs such as those that manage medical conditions and halt disease use polymers to function properly. With safety and service top of mind, Chempilots offers custom specialty polymer development services for applications within the pharmaceutical industry, including drug delivery.

Full-Service Custom Specialty Polymer Development to Fit Your Needs

Chempilots is proud to be your one-stop source for custom specialty polymer development. Do you require custom polymer synthesis? Only need us to step in and take care of process development and scale-up? We provide custom solutions to fit your needs and deliver the highest-quality drug delivery polymers available.

Our full-scale development services include:

Topical Drugs

Topical drugs come in many forms, including lotions, creams, powders and transdermal patches. Polymers such as polyglycolic acid (PGA) and polydioxanone are most commonly used in these applications to improve drug delivery.

Solid & Liquid Drugs

Polymers are found in solid and liquid drugs in many forms. For example, you’ll find polymers inside gelatin shells that house liquid inside the capsule. They’re also used to inhibit delivery in controlled and slow-release applications.

Wound Care

Drug delivery is especially important in wound care. Wounds can often be resistant to certain medications unless they’re delivered through the body correctly. Polymers can assist.

Why Choose Chempilots for Custom Polymer Development?

Chempilots has over 60 years of experience developing custom specialty polymers for drug delivery applications. Plus, if you choose to work with us, you’ll get to experience other benefits, including:

  • Dedication to safety: Drug delivery requires only the highest quality polymers developed with safety in mind. Through our ISO 9001 certification, each of the products we manufacture meets critical quality standards.
  • Complete polymer development: You don’t have to choose multiple companies for each step in the polymer development process. Chempilots offers complete polymer development to fit your specifications.
  • Hands-on support: We pride ourselves on being hands-on with our clients. We work alongside you as we develop your polymer. If you want to be less involved, we can handle that too.
  • Honesty: If after reviewing your project we determine we’re not the best fit for you, we’ll tell you. We only want the best outcome for your project and will only move forward if it benefits you.

Start Your Custom Specialty Drug Delivery Polymer Project Today

Chempilots is here to support you wherever you are in the custom polymer development process. To learn more about our capabilities in drug delivery or to get started today send us a message.