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Polymer Process Development & Scale Up

The integrity of your polymer relies on proper process research and testing. At Chempilots, we define the critical parameters required for the production and scale-up of your polymer.

Custom polymer being developed by Chempilots experts

From Basic Chemistry to Full Scalability

Having an idea for a polymer is only the beginning. When creating a polymer for medical applications a proper process must be in place to yield reproducible production outcome. Even if your polymer’s basic chemistry is well functioning, scalability is only made a reality through in-depth process research.

The Process Affects Your Polymer

The process by which your polymer is produced may potentially affect its integrity. How will your polymer react to temperature variation? Will it respond to hold-times during processing? Such questions and more can be answered through in-depth research inside our fully-equipped facility. Finding the critical parameters of your polymer is our specialty giving you the ability to reach final scalability.

Proper Processing for Polymer Success

Before your polymer can enter scale-up, it must make it through initial processing. Our process development capability allows us to prove that your polymer will fit its purpose during your product development and beyond.

Thorough Research & Testing

We focus on most critical processes necessary to obtain polymer functionalities while ensuring that unintended side-reactions and degradation occurs during processing. We’re thorough, performing proper research and testing, troubleshooting when necessary and always keeping an eye on quality assurance.

From Idea to Final Scale Production

We have the ability to take your idea, perform necessary research, analyze the chemistry required and perform process development to achieve final scale production - all in one 27,500 square-foot facility.

Seamless & Trusted

With over 60 years of experience, we’re trusted by both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies for our research and development capabilities. From research to full in-house production, we strive to provide a seamless process.

Focused on Quality & Reproducibility

When developing new processes for product manufacturing, process controls must be implemented to ensure quality and reproducibility of that quality over time. At Chempilots, our focus is on developing tailored, integrated product and process solutions to help you bring the highest quality product to market.

Experience Our Polymer Processing and Scale-up Skills

At Chempilots, we offer decades of experience in polymer process development and scale-up for your polymer project. Reach out to the process development experts today to get started. To start your project today send us a message.