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Custom Polymer Synthesis

Whether you are in search for a new polymer or an alternative source, we offer high-quality, small scale to final scale polymer synthesis for your custom polymer, all fit to your specific guidelines.

Custom polymer being synthesized by an expert

The Custom Polymer Specialists

Do you have an idea for a new polymer or a replacement? Through custom polymer synthesis we help you specify, develop and characterize your polymer. You can trust your project to the polymer specialists at Chempilots.

Why Custom Polymer Synthesis?

Custom polymer synthesis offered by Chempilots is on an exclusive basis. You can save time, costs and ressources by outsourcing synthesis and focus on your own priorities while utilizing Chempilots' knowhow and capacity.

Synthesis development and scale to final delivery

Starting with small research samples, we can underline issues within polymer synthesis prior to further development to assure scalability. Once made robust and repeatable, we have the ability to move to final scale synthesis of your polymer.

Wide Range of Synthesis & Processing Capabilities

We have experience with free radical, anionic, ring opening, cationic and condensation polymerization in a wide range of different processing formats. From isolation and purification we can mix or convert the polymer into desired state of delivery. 

Experience in Many Different Polymers

Our experience in synthesizing polymers is vast, including chemical modification of thermoplastics and elastomers, durable and biodegradable block-co- and ter-polymers, hydrogels and polymers for conjugation delivered prepacked ready for your further use. 

Always Focused on Quality

Regardless of the polymer at hand, we are always focused on the quality of the final product. We develop the synthesis while ensuring risk-based processing and quality controls and apply mutually agreed quality standards to be verified during product release. 

Serving the Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Industries

From ophthalmic hydrogels to polymersomes for drug delivery and beyond, Chempilots has worked with the medical device and pharmaceutical industries for many years. Our 27,500 square foot facility and state-of-the-art equipment mixed with our expertise in the field come together to help you develop the polymer that meets your specific requirements.

Start Your Custom Polymer Project Today

At Chempilots, we help you specify, develop and characterize only the highest quality polymers to fit your medical device or pharmaceutical needs. To start your project today send us a message.