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Custom Biodegradable Polymer Development Services

Biodegradable polymers can be found throughout the pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetic industries. Due to their ability to be broken down over time, they require expert and custom development to fit your specifications. Chempilots can help.

Chempilots: Full-Scale Custom Biodegradable Polymer Development

Custom polymers require an in-depth development process. Chempilots offers every service required to synthesize, develop, manufacture, research and analyze any polymer you need for your application.

No matter where you are in the process, we can step in and provide the services you need to scale, including:

Surgical Applications

Biodegradable polymers break down over time through water or microorganisms and enzymes. This makes them a great tool for surgical applications such as sutures and wound dressings that must dissolve without a trace.

Controlled Drug Delivery

For controlled drugs to work they must release a specific dose of therapeutic in a specific area of the body. Biodegradable polymers such as polyanhydrides, polyorthoesters, polylactides and polysaccharides help control drug delivery to meet therapy requirements.

Medical Devices

New advancements in the medical industry include devices that dissolve over time such as implants that prop open clogged arteries. Substance dissolution is only possible through the use of biodegradable polymers.

Why Choose Us?

The Chempilots team is dedicated to helping you reach success through custom polymer development—on your own terms. This fact and the following benefits are all a part of what makes Chempilots different.

  • ISO 9001 certification: Polymers must be created with safety in mind, especially those developed for the pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetic industries. That is why our quality management system is ISO 9001 certified which helps ensure your product requirements are met.
  • 60+ years of experience: We have years of experience working in these critical industries and have a full portfolio of successful projects to show for it.
  • Integrity: We won’t move forward with your project if we don’t believe we’re the right choice for you. We’ll review your project and ensure we can deliver first, no smoke screens here.
  • In-depth project proposal: We provide a full proposal so you can get a clear picture of the scope of work. This proposal will include a detailed analysis, budget estimate and timeline for your custom biodegradable polymer.

Get Started on Your Polymer Development Project Today

Chempilots is here to support you in any biodegradable polymer development project. To learn more about our biodegradable capabilities or to get support for your project, send us a message.