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Biocompatible Polymers in Medical Devices

Biocompatible polymers are widely used in medical devices due to their compatibility with the human body. A mix of natural and synthetic, these polymers enable life-saving technology and can be critical in the treatment of medical conditions. Allow Chempilots to provide expert polymer synthesis to fit your needs.

Custom Polymer Synthesis for Biocompatible Polymers Needs

Medical device polymers require expert polymer synthesis, complete with research and analysis to ensure quality and effectiveness. Chempilots offers full-scale development for medical grade polymers, from initial research to final manufacturing.

Whether you have a polymer already that you wish to manufacture or want us to help you develop a custom polymer to fit your application, we can help.


Biocompatible polymers are effective for cardiovascular applications such as pacemakers. The natural components of these polymers reduce the chance of rejection. For example, a biocompatible polymer may be used within the coating on a pacemaker to make it compatible with the human body.


Biocompatible polymers are often used as coatings on devices used in knee and hip replacements. Again, to reduce the chance of rejection and further injury. Other orthopedic applications include bone plates and spinal rods used in various medical procedures.

Why Choose Chempilots?

For over 60 years, the team at Chempilots has been supporting companies like yours through custom polymer synthesis. It’s part of what makes Chempilots different.

  • ISO 9001 certification: We develop our medical device polymers with safety top of mind. For this reason, our quality management system is ISO 9001 certified. This ensures we deliver the highest-quality medical grade polymers to fit your needs.
  • Polymer development on your terms: Want us to take full control of your project without your involvement? We can do that. Want to be involved in every step, from research and development to manufacturing? We can do that too. We offer custom polymer development on your terms.
  • Honesty and integrity: We won’t move forward with your project unless we believe we’re the right fit for you. Plus, we’ll ensure we understand your requirements and specifications before getting started on your project.
  • Complete polymer development: We can meet each of your needs, no matter where you are in the biocompatible polymer development process. Whether you require contract manufacturing or polymer analysis, we can deliver.

Start Your Biocompatible Polymer Development Project Today

Chempilots is here to support you through the development and analysis of your biocompatible polymers. To learn more about our capabilities or to start your project, send us a message.