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About Chempilots

Does Chempilots Ship Products Globally?

Yes. More than 90% of our products are shipped to companies across the globe. We’re very familiar with handling the shipment of hazardous goods which requires certain safety steps. In fact, we ship these materials daily.

Does Chempilots Work According to a Quality Standard?

In January 2021, our quality management system received certification according to ISO 9001. Dedicated to compliance for decades, our capabilities continue to comply with custom QC systems.

How Do You Work With Your Customers? What Is Your Process?

Our polymer development process begins with a quick phone call or email, where we’ll begin discussing your custom polymers or other needs. If we feel we’re the right fit, we’ll draft a proposal and scope of work, which will include objectives, budget, experimental strategy and other details.

The amount of involvement in our polymer development process is dependent on you. If you wish to be involved, we welcome you. If you would rather us work with no interaction, we can do that too.

What Are Some Examples of Problems Chempilots Has Solved for Companies in the Past?

Throughout our 60+ years of specialty polymer development, we have completed many successful projects. Due to our respect for confidentiality, we’re unable to disclose specific client information. We can, however, discuss developments we’ve made on behalf of the medical and pharmaceutical industries as a whole.

For example, our developments in stimuli responding (or smart) polymers is one example of groundbreaking work we’ve completed. Smart polymers are used in diagnostic and interventional devices such as indicators, sensors and water retention pads, just to name a few.

What Are the Most Common Uses for Polymers Created by Chempilots?

At Chempilots, we work with leading, global medical device and pharmaceutical companies to synthesize and develop specialty polymers. These polymers enable a specific performance promised by the device. Some examples include formulations of inks for print transfer or a wetting agent that improves the glide of a contact lens.

Contact the Polymer Specialists at Chempilots Today

Our custom specialty polymers are developed to fit your specific requirements. To learn more about our custom capabilities or to start your project today send us a message.