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Custom Specialty Polymers Designed for Medical Devices

Chempilots is your one-stop source for custom medical device polymer development. We’re here to support you regardless of where you are in the development process. Plus, our industry experience and dedication to quality ensure you receive the best and safest product for your critical device.

Full Medical Device Polymer Development From Research to Manufacturing

Medical devices are often life-saving tools that require careful development. These same devices include functionalities that only a customized polymer can enable. Our team helps you develop high-quality polymer products for any medical device application. We do so by providing complete development services, including:

Durable & Degradable Hydrogels

Hydrogels are found inside a variety of applications, including soft contact lenses, durable injectable bulking agents and soft tissue scaffolds.

Printable Polymers, Inks, Coatings & Adhesives

Printable polymers are used in 3D printing, which is a method of developing many innovative medical devices. Coating applications include coatings for catheters and cell binding as well as adhesives for wound dressings and ECG pads.

Responsive (Smart) Polymers

Smart polymers respond to outside stimuli such as color and temperature changes. These polymers are often used in diagnostic devices such as indicators, sensors, actuators and permeability-enhanced membranes.

Why Choose Chempilots?

At Chempilots, we have over 60+ years of experience developing custom polymers for the medical device industry. Those years of development and the following benefits are all a part of The Chempilots Difference.

  • Complete polymer development: No matter where you are in the polymer development process, we can support you. Whether you require contract research or manufacturing, we will scale to meet each of your needs.
  • ISO 9001 certification: The products we manufacture meet all critical quality standards. Our quality management system is certified by ISO 9001.
  • Industry experience: We’ve completed many successful projects on behalf of start-up medical device companies and Fortune 500 companies. Our industry experience ensures you receive the highest quality product available.
  • Honesty and accessibility: When you choose us, you’ll work directly with polymer specialists. We’re honest, getting to know your project and only moving forward if we’re the best fit for you.

Learn More About Our Custom Polymer Capabilities Today

Chempilots is here to help you develop custom polymers for your medical device that fit each of your specifications. To learn more about our capabilities or to start your project today send us a message.