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Custom Specialty Polymers Designed for Wetting Agents

The pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetic industries use wetting agents to ensure products perform as expected. Those wetting agents require custom-designed, high-quality polymers. Chempilots provides these polymers through custom specialty polymer development services.

Full Wetting Agent Polymer Development From Research to Manufacturing

Many wetting agent applications require functionalities that only a customized polymer can enable. Chempilots is here to help you develop a custom specialty polymer to fit your specifications. We make it happen by offering full-scale development services, including:

Skin Adhesives

Wetting agents, also known as surfactants, are used in adhesive formulations to reduce surface tension and improve wetting without affecting adhesive properties. These adhesives are especially critical in applications such as wound care.

Drug Delivery Systems

Surfactants are critical in drug delivery. For example, surfactants can improve the way ophthalmic therapeutics such as eye drops are delivered and absorbed. They’re also commonly used for inhaled therapeutics used to treat pulmonary disease.


Wetting agents are the perfect catalyst for makeup removal. They can also improve a product’s ability to moisturize.

The Chempilots Difference

What makes Chempilots different from other specialty polymer developers? We have 60+ years of experience in wetting agent polymer development. Founded in 1957, we’re proud to be pioneers in polymer chemistry.

Beyond our experience, we offer plenty of other benefits such as:

  • Complete development process: If you need full-scale development, we can do that. If you require only research or synthesis, we can do that too. Our development processes are customizable to fit your needs.
  • Full project proposal for scope: For clients interested in beginning their project, we provide a full project proposal that includes objectives, timelines and detailed analysis. You’ll be fully informed before we begin.
  • Personal service: We pride ourselves on being personal, accessible and easy to work with. You’ll have access to our polymer specialists whenever you need us and we’ll continue to communicate frequently about your project. We won’t keep you in the dark.
  • Safety certifications: In the medical device, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, safety is critical. All of the products we manufacture meet all critical quality standards and our quality management system is certified accordingly ISO 9001.

Need Wetting Agent Polymer Development? Contact Chempilots Today!

Chempilots is here to support you through custom polymer development, regardless of where you are in the process. Want to know more about our wetting agent development capabilities? Need to start a project? To start your project today send us a message.