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As polymer specialists, we serve the medical device and pharmaceutical industries by specifying, developing and characterizing custom polymers to your specifications. Regardless of the stage of polymer development you’re in, we offer specific, high-quality capabilities to fit your needs.

Chempilots scientists working inside one of their facilities.

Custom Polymers for the Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Industries

The medical device and pharmaceutical industries often require specific and customized polymers that are not readily available on the market. At Chempilots, we develop and characterize custom polymers to your specifications, regardless of the stage of product development you’re in.

Industries Requiring Specialty Polymers

Chempilots is proud to serve clients through the US, Australia and European markets. For over 60 years, we’ve used our expertise and state-of-the-art technology to develop custom specialty polymers, from initial research to custom contract manufacturing.

We work with medical device and pharmaceutical companies that require specialty polymers for research and development as well as for commercial use. From hydrogels and coatings to excipients, we can develop a polymer that fits your needs.

Custom polymer manufacturing for medical devices

Medical Devices

Medical devices require polymers for highly specific functions. From 3D print structures to thermoplastics and adhesives to biodegradables, Chempilots develops high-quality custom polymers to fit your specific application.

Custom polymer manufacturing for pharmaceuticals


Pharmaceutical polymers must meet all processability, stability and therapeutic response requirements. Chempilots has years of expertise in helping companies develop specialty polymers to meet critical release profiles.

custom polymer development for cosmetics


Chempilots also develops polymers found in cosmetics such as hyaluronic acid, which is commonly found in anti-aging products. Cosmetic polymers are also used as thickeners, structuring agents and delivery agents for antioxidants.

Types of Polymers

Chempilots has the capabilities to develop a wide range of custom specialty polymers used throughout the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Plus, we’re able to support you throughout the entire polymer development process from synthesis to polymer analysis.

Custom polymers for drug delivery applications

Drug Delivery

We specialize in developing polymers for drug delivery applications, including those used for slow-dose release (extended-release) drugs. Polymers in this family include microparticles, micelles, polyplexes, drug conjugates, implants and other examples. Our capabilities ensure your polymer meets critical drug requirements such as release period and permeation.

Custom biomedical polymer development and manufacturing

Biomedical Polymers

Polymers are used widely in the biomedical field with attainable properties such as being non-toxic, lightweight, flexible, durable and biodegradable. With over 60 years of experience, Chempilots is ready to assist with your biomedical polymer needs. Our dedication to quality ensures that we’ll deliver the safest and most highly functionalized product for your needs.
Custom biodegradable polymer development experts

Biodegradable Polymers

Biodegradable polymers are used for diverse applications. They must also be engineered correctly to breakdown after their intended purpose. Chempilots has developed various types of polymers for numerous applications such as surgical sutures, medical implants, tissue regeneration and nanotechnology.

Wetting agent custom polymers

Wetting Agents

Wetting agents are used to reduce surface tension so a liquid or solid can easily spread. These polymers are found in hydrogels and poly-HEMA applications, which are often used for medical devices such as contact lenses and urology catheters.

Custom biocompatible polymer development for medical devices

Biocompatible Polymers in Medical Devices

Biocompatible polymers are widely used in medical devices due to their compatibility with the human body. A mix of natural and synthetic, these polymers enable life-saving technology such as pacemakers and can be critical in the treatment of medical conditions.

Custom biodegradable polymers for pharmaceuticals developers

Degradable Biocompatible Polymers in Pharmaceuticals

Degradable biocompatible polymers exist to improve drug delivery. Biocompatible polymers feature both natural and synthetic (man-made) materials, including materials that enable degradation over time.

Custom durable and degradable hydrogel manufacturing experts

Durable and Degradable Hydrogels

Durable and degradable hydrogels are used in a variety of applications, including contact lenses, cell encapsulation and even in creams and lotions. These hydrogels can either degrade over time or remain durable, based on your application’s requirements.

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