Working with us

We take on projects both large and small. Our basic working philosophy is one of partnership. The working relationship can be from fluently blending into your R&D organization to working on our own with minimal interaction. Whatever the case, we do our utmost to accomplish that time, money and objectives match, and that we meet your expectations. For most R&D projects, our starting point is that all IP coming out of the project belongs to the customer.

Project initiation
Normally, we initiate all discussions under a signed NDA with a specific scope of discussion. Feel free to use our standard mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that you can amend to suit your specific needs or requests from your legal advisors. > Download Chempilots' standard NDA

Project proposal
If initial discussion shows that we can meaningfully assist you in reaching your objectives a proposal is drafted. The draft project proposal (1-2 pages) serves as a point of further discussion and scoping of the task. If you wish to move on with the project, we prepare a full project proposal, which typically comprises:

  • Objectives
  • Detailed analysis
  • Detailed experimental strategy
  • Complete activity and time plan
  • Budget estimate

Depending on the project, the cost of a full project proposal is in the range of 1500-4000 USD, which is agreed upon prior to delivery. This cost also covers any revisions. General terms of contract beyond the project proposal are covered by Chempilots' standard contract.

> Joint projects
Chempilots is interested in cooperating with serious industrial partners to jointly develop and produce polymer-based material solutions for medical devices, combination products and pharmaceuticals.

> EU projects
Chempilots seeks project partners (including project coordinators) within projects incorporating polymer-based materials and processes. Our primary research interest is within the Health and NMP Themes under the European Commission's Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7)

Contact us for a discussion
If you wish to discuss a potential project, please call Christian Elbek
on +45 4495 1661 or send us an e-mail


Working with us

From minor process related problems to full scale integrated product and manufacturing solutions.