Polymer synthesis

Why custom synthesis ?
In our experience custom synthesis comes to the fore when you are looking for:

  • Unique or tailored functional properties
  • Long-term implant materials
  • Long-term supply availability and transparency (technical + QA)
  • Controlled impurity profiles
  • Super high purity

Polymer synthesis and processing capabilities
We have experience with free radical, anionic, ring opening, cationic and condensation polymerization in a range of different processing formats (solution, suspension, emulsion, reverse phase emulsion). Projects that we have solved that can only be solved by proper ab-initio synthesis and processing include:

  • Synthesis of nitrogen monoxide loaded linear polyethyleneimine
  • Performance optimization of a star PO:EO block copolymer
  • Controlled random free radical copolymerization
  • Controlled random EO-functional expoxide copolymerization
  • Controlled free radical copolymerization yielding homogenous copolymers
  • Synthesis processing under conditions that suppress polymer precipitation
  • Mw control with proper suppression of unwanted high and low Mw components
  • Suspension polymerization with fines suppression
  • Super high purity polymers for medical and electronics use
  • Light curable polyanhydrides

Our experience spans a wide range of materials, including:

  • PEG copolymers, PEG block-copolymers, star PEGs
  • PLGA and other PLA copolymers
  • Polyorthoesters
  • Polyanhydrides
  • Silicone hydrogels
  • Acrylic cement powder
  • Derivatized cellulose for cell encapsulation
  • Nitrogen monoxide (NO) loaded linear polyethyleneimine
  • High purity standard thermoplastic polymers
  • High Mw water soluble polymers
  • Various polyesters

Contact us
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Polymer synthesis

Custom polymer synthesis for medical and pharmaceutical use.