Medical devices

implants. Our experience spans Class I through Class III medical devices.

We have worked with: 

  • Soft contact lens formulation
  • Pad print inks for colored contact lenses
  • Urology endoprothesis and injectable bulking agents
  • Bioresorbable systems for sustained drug delivery
  • Impregnation of silicone surfaces with hydrophilic polymers and APIs
  • Nitrogen-monoxide loaded polymer coatings
  • Nano Silver Iodide antimicrobial formulations
  • Buccal adhesives
  • Free-form tissue engineering scaffold processing
  • Electrode gel formulation and processing
  • Wound dressings
  • Polymeric cements
  • Dental filling composites
  • Ostomy skin barriers and odor control solutions
  • Stent electropolishing
  • Catheter coating

Integrated R&D approach
Our R&D solutions are always established by an integrated product-process approach. We aim for solutions that are practical, robust and simple that can later be implemented in a production under QA.

Contact us for a discussion
For a confidential discussion of your specific needs, please call Richard Schmidt or Christian Elbek on +45 4495 1661 or send us an e-mail.

Medical devices

Contract R&D, process development, and production of medical devices and specialty materials.