Custom formulation

Chempilots has extensive experience in formulating custom reactive polymer systems (contact lenses, biosurgery gels, electrode gels, dental fillings, polymeric cements, etc.), melt compounded systems, coatings, dressings, foams and adhesives for medical device applications and pharmaceuticals.

Product  and process integration.
Beyond formulation chemistry, we understand all of the product and process integration issues and it is our core competence to provide a tailored, integrated material-product-process solution. We are acutely aware of formulation to fit a desired/optimal processing platform and are experienced with a range of processing techniques. Case in point - rheology fitted to the method of application such as printing, dipping or spraying.

Reactive formulation systems
Reactive systems pose a range of special issues that we are well-equipped to handle as the formulation issues typically require a deep understanding of the basic chemistry. We have experience with a range of reactive materials and modes of reaction initiation: two component / heat / UV / moisture /e-beam etc.

We have worked extensively with coating formulation both solvent, melt and emulsion based, evaluation of important dried-film properties such as adhesion, cohesion, flexibility, abrasion resistance, wettability, film defects (pin holes, blisters, wrinkling, etc.), biocompatibility, leachables, stability and permeability (water, oxygen, APIs).

APIs, pigments, fillers.
We have dispersing, mixing, and milling equipment for development and pilot production of inks and highly filled polymer composites. We also have experience with filler treatment and selection of suitable additives.

Hansen solubility parameters
On of our key formulation tools is Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP), where Chempilots has developed proprietary software tools to find combinations of polymeric binders, pigments and solvents that form homogenously soluble or dispersible systems. From this, an initial shortlist can be further refined to fit a desired surface tension and evaporation profile in combination with minimized environmental exposures.

Use of HSP and our other solvent databases (1000+ solvents) turns formulation into a structured working process instead of a frustrating trial and error exercise.

Above: HSP plot example

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Custom formulation

Custom formulations of reactive polymer systems for medical device applications and pharmaceuticals.