Controlled drug release

Chempilots has extensive experience in the development of polymeric systems for transporting and releasing substances under specific conditions. Our API handling lab and QA systems, support the handling and processing of most API substances including CRM compounds on a small scale and is suitable for formulation development, in-vitro analysis and fabrication of samples for animal testing. Our current key focal points of work are:

  • Sustained release from polymer surfaces by sCO2 impregnation
  • Polymersomes for drug delivery
  • Use of nano silver iodide (nAgI) for general antimicrobial use

Other polymeric drug release systems experience
Beyond the topics of current interest, our experience includes:

  • Erosion based, zero order sustained release tablets
  • Sustained release open cell polyurethane foams
  • Steroid loaded aerosol foam
  • Implantable hydrogels with anti-biotic agents
  • Polymeric nitrogen-monooxide (NO) releasing coatings
  • Various silver complex additions to devices and dressings

Design of controlled drug release systems
Chempilots offers custom design of polymeric delivery systems encompassing the following elements:

  • Polymeric systems design to achieve wanted drug release profiles
  • Drug dissolution measurement
  • Drug solubility and stability issues
  • Selection of biocompatible formulation materials
  • Physical-chemical compatibility issues of polymer/drug/excipients

Drug handling note
We have a dedicated API handling lab, including a safety cabinet class II to DIN 12980 and QA procedures supporting CRM compound handling. However, a specific handling assessment on the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) will need to be conducted prior to acceptance of a project. Such assessments will include personnel safety and the concern for ongoing and future activities at our premises.

Contact us
For further information please contact Richard Schmidt on +45 4495 1661 or by e-mail.