Our facilities include:

> Kilolab
Our kilolab is an ATEX compliant clean room facility, that supports custom polymer synthesis including all unit operations: synthesis, fractionation, isolation, drying, milling and sieving operations on a 0,2-50 kg batch size. The kilolab is also used for solventborne formulation production.

> API lab
The API lab is a dedicated API handling lab, including a safety cabinet class II to DIN 12980 and QA procedures supporting CRM compound handling.

> Laboratories

> Clean rooms
We operate clean rooms down to class 10,000 (class C) to facilitate R&D and production. Our clean rooms are offered as an integrated part of our contract R&D services and for dedicated custom productions.

Contact us
For more information please call Richard Schmidt on +45 4495 1661 or send us an e-mail.


Research facilities including state-of-the-art laboratories and clean rooms.