Typically our customers value the following benefits when working with us:

Outsourcing? Or expanding your team?
Working with us means you can focus on your core competences while we contribute with specialized R&D within polymer materials chemistry. > R&D 

Innovation that moves downstream
Our custom production provides you with a reliable source for high-value, low volume materials. We can provide a temporary stopgap as you ramp up your own facilities, or we can become a permanent supplier. > Production

From idea to R&D to production under a single roof
Our broad range of in-house facilities - including an ATEX compliant kilolab and Class C and Class D clean rooms - lets you move your project seamlessly from one phase to the next. > Facilities

> Working with us

Contact us
For a discussion of your particular project, please contact Christian Elbek on +45 4495 1661 or send us an e-mail

"Chempilots has the ability to work as an integrated part of our organization."

Ieva Ankorina-Stark, Scientific Director, Contura