About us

Chempilots was founded in Denmark in 1957, employs 28 people and is located in the Medicon Valley region about 20 kilometers north of the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

Pioneers in applied polymer chemistry 

Internationally operating
Intellectual property rights
We have always recognized the importance of intellectual property rights. Today, more than 100 international patents list Chempilots staff as inventors or contributors on patents owned by our customers.

From idea to finished product
Our work spans the entire range of activities - from idea to product to manufacturing. A key reason for our ongoing success has been our ability to effectively solve complex problems throughout each phase of product development, including up-scaling and production optimization. 

Typically, we have up to 10 projects running concurrently. Some are completed within just a few weeks; others represent decades-long partnerships with key customers.


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About us

Internationally operating contract R&D and production company.